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ICR Issue 333

Azeez Mahmood
22 Apr 10
Conference presses government to combat abuse, honour killings.
Yezidi leader Sheikh Allu Khalaf is concerned the stoning to death of a Yezidi teenager has harmed the community. Photo by Khidir Domla.
Khidir Domla, Abdullah Niheli
22 Apr 10
They’re concerned that death sentences for killers of Yezidi girl could revive inter-communal violence.
Najaf officials are fuming over the government’s suspension of international flights at the provincial airport. Photos by Alaa al-Marjani.
Hussein al-Obaidi, Ali Kareem
22 Apr 10
Alleged al-Qaeda plot has suspended international flights at Najaf airport since early April. By Hussien al-Obaidi in Najaf and Ali Kareem in Baghdad
Hundreds of Yezidi gather at the sacred Lalish Temple in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan near the city of Mosul on April 14, as they wait for the sun to set to begin New Year's celebrations. The Yezidi, a religious minority found in northern Iraq, call their New Year celebration Chwar Shema Sur, or Red Wednesday. The Yezidi are the descendants of Zoroastrians, and have been often targeted in the past for their beliefs.
Kamaran Najm
22 Apr 10
Former insurgent said his goal in fighting the Americans was to force them to leave.   Photo by Ali Ameen.
Abu Najim
22 Apr 10
Former member of al-Qaeda tells IWPR why he joined the insurgency in Iraq and why he eventually left.