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ICR Issue 332

Sectarian tensions have put a huge strain on mixed marriages. Photo by Jamal Penjweny
Abeer Mohammed
16 Apr 10
Mixed-sect couples describe the difficulty of keeping marriages alive in times of war. By Abeer Mohammed in Baghdad
Uthman al-Mukhtar
15 Apr 10
Authorities in Anbar pledge to do more for disadvantaged women following IWPR reports on their plight.
Farah Ali
15 Apr 10
IWPR hostile environment training proves invaluable for Babil photographer.
Analysts say bombings in Baghdad in wake of elections unlikely to lead to revival of sectarian warfare. Photo by Ceerwan Aziz/Metrography.
Khalid al-Ansary
13 Apr 10
Top contenders fight for advantage during risky post-election limbo. By Khalid al-Ansary and Ali Kareem in Baghdad