ICR Issue 325 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 325

4 Mar 10
IWPR-trained journalists take part in innovative election reporting project.
3 Mar 10
Provincial officials come under scrutiny because of alleged Saddam-era past, incensing opposition groups on eve of elections.
26 Feb 10
Brutal killings and political polarisation leave many anxious about the return of civil conflict.
26 Feb 10
Change movement attempts to reach out to all voters in ethnically divided city.
Shorsh Khalid
26 Feb 10
Kurdish city expected to be a key electoral battleground with much at stake for main contenders.
25 Feb 10
Top Shia cleric urges citizens to vote but refuses to endorse parties.
25 Feb 10
Conference delegates say greater parliamentary representation has helped, but isn’t enough.
Saleem al-Hasani
25 Feb 10
Authorities aim to reduce the risk of violence and voting-related problems on election day.