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ICR Issue 22

21 Feb 05
By Haytham el-Salimi in Basra (ICR No. 22, 17-June-03)
Ghida al-Juburi
21 Feb 05
Women have an important role to play in building a democratic Iraq, but they have so far been conspicuous by their absence.
Sahib el-Hakim
21 Feb 05
Iraqis are discovering that their neighbours' ordinary homes had been converted to Ba'athist torture centres.
Salaam al-Jubouri
21 Feb 05
With ordnance literally sown into the land, and many farmhouses destroyed by both sides, Iraqi farmers are unable to harvest without substantial aid.
Peshwaz Saadulla
21 Feb 05
In a test case for post-Saddam justice, Kurdish police have arrested a party official accused of a triple murder.
Meitham Jassem
21 Feb 05
Frustrated by the failure of coalition authorities to arrest criminals and former Ba'athists, some Iraqis are taking matters into their own hands.