ICR Issue 143 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 143

Sahar al-Haideri
17 Nov 05
Husbands are hard to come by in Iraq, due to a combination of war, religion and economics.
Aman Khalil
17 Nov 05
A new class of homeless has emerged in Sulaimaniyah – men who’ve been kicked out of the marital home.
Duraed Selman
17 Nov 05
Iraqis are reading again, good news for the capital’s printers who suddenly find themselves busy after years of decline.
Hussein al-Yasiri
17 Nov 05
Shortages of flour, sugar and other basic goods are blamed on poor security.
17 Nov 05
Victims claim government efforts to clear millions of landmines are ineffective.
Waad Ibrahim
17 Nov 05
Displaced by yet another US offensive, life is difficult for residents of Tal Afar who are once again relying on the kindness of strangers.