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ICR Issue 142

Sahira Rasheed
17 Nov 05
Sometimes the timing is all wrong for expectant mothers, when a nighttime dash to hospital means running the gauntlet of security checks.
Salam Jihad
17 Nov 05
Youngsters overcome myriad problems to stage fable with marked contemporary resonances.
Sahar al-Haideri
17 Nov 05
Disease and death linked to polluted water sources and the rubbish left lying on the streets.
Rebaz Mahmood
17 Nov 05
Officials in Kurdish city accept that they have failed to deliver adequate services but say they just don’t have the resources.
Zaineb Naji
17 Nov 05
Full participation in the referendum seen as the best way to vote down a document many Sunnis object to.
Nasir Kadhim
17 Nov 05
Insurgents refrain from attacking Iraqi forces so long has US troops keep out.