ICR Issue 140 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 140

Frman Abdul-Rahman
17 Nov 05
The revival of Iraqi cinema is still in its infancy, but festival participants are pleased that filmmakers could come together at all.
Sahar al-Haideri
17 Nov 05
Growing numbers are working as prostitutes in the Syrian capital - some willingly, some not.
Samah Samad
17 Nov 05
Instead of easing petrol shortages, a rationing scheme soon to be introduced in Iraq looks likely to create a new currency for the black market.
Raghad Ali
17 Nov 05
Survey reveals wide-ranging public views towards key constitutional issues.
Nasir Kadhim
17 Nov 05
Blood is flowing again in the Sunni heartland – but this time it’s being donated by people who want to help injured Shia compatriots.
Safa al-Mansoor
17 Nov 05
Fears that the Iraqi military is being given too much responsibility without the personnel and hardware it needs to take on insurgents.