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ICR Issue 136

Sahar al-Haideri
17 Nov 05
Women are shunning suitors with high-risk jobs in the security forces.
Awadh al-Taee
17 Nov 05
Residents of the town where Saddam Hussein ordered bloody reprisals in 1982 are glad to see their case taking centre stage in the war crimes case.
Ziyad Khalaf
17 Nov 05
Despite continuing commitment from the international community, reconstruction efforts in Iraq are making little progress.
17 Nov 05
By Jasin al-Sabawai in Tikrit (ICR No. 136, 10-Aug-05)
Mariwan Hama-Saeed
17 Nov 05
Politicians in Kurdistan say there are certain issues they won’t compromise on as the deadline fast approaches.
Raghad Ali
17 Nov 05
Iraqi women urge lawmakers to ensure their rights are protected.