ICR Issue 127 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 127

Ziyad Khalaf
17 Nov 05
Violence around the country is spilling over into the home – but there’s concern that child abuse cases are being neglected.
Mahmood Hussein
17 Nov 05
Ex-political prisoners form self-help group after receiving little state assistance.
Mussadaq Matar
17 Nov 05
Central bank builds confidence in the dinar by intervening to maintain the exchange rate.
Samah Samad
17 Nov 05
Oil company says tribes it contracted to guard pipelines are destroying them up to drum up more business.
Dilshad Kawani
17 Nov 05
Survivors of chemical attacks on two Kurdish villages less famous than Halabja say they too must be remembered.
Zaineb Naji
17 Nov 05
Muqtada al-Sadr, once the bad boy of Shia militancy, rebrands himself as peacemaker with the Sunnis.