ICR Issue 126 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 126

Nasir Kadhim
17 Nov 05
City officials blame insurgent attacks on infrastructure for an outbreak of the disease in southwest Baghdad.
Duraed Salman
17 Nov 05
The first-ever credit card is launched under a plan to modernise banking.
Frman Abdul-Rahman
17 Nov 05
Eagle-eyed residents get on the phone the moment they spot anything they think might be insurgent activity.
Nawal Athneel
17 Nov 05
The 1,500 strong team guarding Iraq’s oil northern pipeline say lack of manpower, equipment and training puts their lives in danger.
Samah Samad
17 Nov 05
The Kurds are accused of trying to wrest control of the city’s political affairs so as to win leverage over its oil.
Emad Hasan
17 Nov 05
Supporters of the Badr militia say it's a much-needed security force, but Sunnis allege it is part of the problem.