ICR Issue 125 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 125

Talar Nadir
17 Nov 05
Dwarfs overcome discrimination and ridicule with support from pragmatic association.
Safaa al-Mansoor
17 Nov 05
Officials say there’s an urgent need to improve job prospects, in order to stave off instability.
Yaseen al-Rubai’I
17 Nov 05
Fears that HIV may be spreading prompts the authorities to investigate scale of infection.
Hussein Ali
17 Nov 05
Baghdad neighbourhood emboldened by local resident who stood up to the insurgents.
Duraed Salman
17 Nov 05
Extremists accuse capital’s barbers of violating Islam.
Awadh al-Taee
17 Nov 05
Ex-premier sets up a shadow government to hold the new cabinet to account.
Ziyad Khalaf
17 Nov 05
Officials and activists voice concern at the number of women being murdered by their own families.