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ICR Issue 124

Daud Salman
17 Nov 05
Industry ministry hopes to persuade local and international firms to invest in state-owned concerns.
Yaseen al-Rubai
17 Nov 05
Higher levels of scrutiny introduced to limit damage from corporate and individual dishonesty.
Amanj Khalil
17 Nov 05
Women who’ve lost their virginity pay for dangerous medical procedure so their families won’t be shamed.
Shawkat al-Bayati
17 Nov 05
Insurgents blowing up pipelines add to technical hitches that prevent Iraq refining its oil and keep petrol queues long.
Safaa al-Mansoor
17 Nov 05
Ethnic tensions on the rise at Baghdad University after the murder of a student who organised pro-government rally.
Hussein Ali
17 Nov 05
Residents breathe sigh of relief as security forces regain control of city rocked by insurgent violence.
Zaineb Naji
17 Nov 05
Outgoing prime minister is seen as a secular strongman who is well placed to tackle security problems.