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ICR Issue 123

Duraed Salman
17 Nov 05
There should be millions of dinar coins in circulation, but a combination of inflation and public resistance means no one wants to use them.
Hisham Muhammed
17 Nov 05
Connections not qualifications were the key to getting work under a CPA-sponsored employment programme.
Aso Akram
17 Nov 05
New parliament is expected to debate legislation that diminishes the status of women.
Hussein Ali
17 Nov 05
Iraqi security forces are slowly regaining control of this once volatile city, much to the relief of residents.
Safaa al-Mansoor
17 Nov 05
As budget predictions suggest a huge deficit, economists urge government to diversify revenue streams.
Ali Marzook
17 Nov 05
Some complain there are too few Sunnis, while others hope the government will be able to impose security.
Najat Ahmed
17 Nov 05
Kurdish city targeted one day after new Iraqi cabinet sworn in.