ICR Issue 122 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


ICR Issue 122

Yaseen Madhloom
17 Nov 05
With the end of Saddam-era censorship, many cinemas look to profit from demand for porn movies.
Rebaz Mahmood
17 Nov 05
Violent television pictures have lasting psychological impact on youngsters.
Frman Abdul-Rahman
17 Nov 05
Kurds build homes and make tools with remnants of weapons Saddam once used against them.
Daud Salman
17 Nov 05
Local residents refute government claims that nearly 20 men killed by insurgents in Haditha were fishermen visiting from the south.
Nameer Hussein
17 Nov 05
Northern region looks to entice investors away from bureaucratic Baghdad.
Hussein Ali
17 Nov 05
Government investigation seeks to establish truth behind alleged kidnapping of Shia civilians.
17 Nov 05
Petrol earmarked for domestic consumption diverted for sale abroad in well-organised smuggling operation.