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ICR Issue 120

Haider al-Musawi
17 Nov 05
Baghdad street brawl over seemingly inoffensive remarks about the Pope highlights growing tendency among residents to resort to violence to settle disputes.
Rebaz Mahmood
17 Nov 05
Video material showing images of torture and death still on sale in most of Iraq, as Kurdistan bans “snuff” CDs.
Kamran Al-Karadaghi
17 Nov 05
The debate over the new constitution could turn into the real “mother of all battles”.
Mariwan Hama-Saeed
17 Nov 05
The hometown of Jalal Talabani was the scene of rapturous celebrations after he was named as Iraqi president.
Zainab Naji
17 Nov 05
Sunni Arabs greet appointment of a Kurd as president with mixture of cautious optimism and concern.