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ICR Issue 106

Rebaz Mahmood
17 Nov 05
Kurds flock to the polling stations in the hope of strengthening their political muscle.
Dawood Salman
17 Nov 05
People stay home rather than vote as Ramadi sees sporadic violence.
Aqil Jabbar
17 Nov 05
Voters clap and jump for joy, seemingly unfazed by the violence.
Mohammed Alban
17 Nov 05
Voter turnout better than expected in troubled northern city.
Hussein Ali
17 Nov 05
Voters in the south may be solidly behind the election, but support for the main Shia-led faction is not monolithic.
Meethaq Fadhil
17 Nov 05
Shia queue up to make their voices heard in city of Nassriyah.
Dhya Rasan
17 Nov 05
Attacks against polling stations appear to have failed to deter much of the capital’s electorate.