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CRS Issue 8

Arkady Dubnov
26 Nov 99
Is the Commonwealth of Independent States at an end? With Russia's recent introduction of visa requirements for travellers to and from Georgia and Azerbaijan, the future for the CIS looks bleak.
Sozar Subeliani
26 Nov 99
Russian accusations that Georgia is aiding and abetting Chechen militants through its frontier with the breakaway republic have pushed this local "cold war" dangerously close to boiling point.
Andrei Mironov
26 Nov 99
Between the tub thumping from Chirac and the soft glove approach from Clinton, Vaclav Havel points the best way forward for the OSCE.
Ara Tadevosian
26 Nov 99
With international attention focused on Chechnya, it would be easy to overlook some key pronouncements concerning Armenia which took place in Istanbul.