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CRS Issue 787

Open-cast manganese mine at Rgani. (Photo: Oliko Tsiskarishvili)
Malkhaz Mikeladze
18 Aug 15
As locals say air quality is poor and water is unsafe to drink, a mining firm says it’s taking practical steps towards cleaner production.
Arpi Harutyunyan
18 Aug 15
Activists warn that plan might contaminate country’s most important water source.
The late Rasim Aliyev. (Photo: Fargana Novruzova)
Afgan Mukhtarli
17 Aug 15
Rasim Aliyev, journalist and media rights advocate, died hours after brutal attack.
Leyla Yunus while her home was being searched in May 2014. (Photo: Afgan Mukhtarli)
Nurgul Novruz
14 Aug 15
With a vengeful government state behind them, prosecutors were always going to get rights activists Leyla and Arif Yunus put behind bars.