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CRS Issue 779

View across the water as "Flame Towers" are lit up in Baku. August 6, 2014. (Photo: Christopher Lee/Getty Images)
Nurgul Novruz
5 Jun 15
Traffic and other restrictions seen as excessive.
Marianna Ghahramanyan
5 Jun 15
New rules apply only to employees of Armenia-based companies that sign up to the scheme.
Demonstration in Yerevan against proposed electricity price hike. May 27, 2015. (Photo: Photolur agency)
Armen Karapetyan
5 Jun 15
Russian-owned power company seems unable to balance its books without hefty annual price rises.
Murad Adilov (Photo: N. Adilov)
Afgan Mukhtarli
29 May 15
Instead of freeing prisoners as usual on a national holiday, the authorities continue putting their opponents behind bars.