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CRS Issue 764

Seymur Hezi. (Photo:Fuad Hajiyev)
Seymur Hezi
21 Jan 15
Jailed reporter Seymur Hezi realises he is in the same Azerbaijani prison as top female journalist Khadija Ismayil.
Marianna Ghahramanyan
21 Jan 15
New common labour market makes it easier for migrants to go to Russia, but jobs will be thin on the ground this year.
Anaid Gogoryan
20 Jan 15
Some economists say that being so tightly tied into the Russian economy could actually mitigate some of the worst effects.
Samira Ahmedbeyli
16 Jan 15
Attack on Radio Liberty is partly about silencing free media, but also reflects new anti-Western mood.
Yadigar Sadiqov
13 Jan 15
Political prisoner deemed “workshy” as pretext for turning down his application for release.