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CRS Issue 759

rakli Petriashvili (left), head of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation, at a conference on working conditions held in Tbilisi held on November 18-19. (Photo: Georgian Trade Union Confederation)
Nana Kurashvili
28 Nov 14
Analysts say government will have to adopt laws to meet European standards sooner or later.
Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, a village in Armenia’s Tavush region close to the border with Azerbaijan. (Photo: Nazik Armenakyan)
Lilit Arakelyan
24 Nov 14
People living close to the border with Azerbaijan question government initiative intended to boost business in their areas.
Lamiya Adilgizi, Arevik Sahakyan
20 Nov 14
Mutual recriminations as helicopter downing mars efforts to rebuild dialogue between leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Armen Karapetyan, Afgan Mukhtarli
20 Nov 14
Two Azerbaijanis face murder, espionage charges in court in Karabakh.