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CRS Issue 756

Regina Jegorova-Askerova
30 Oct 14
Rights activists accuse police of not taking domestic abuse seriously enough.
Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan (left) meeting his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in May. (Photo: Armenian president's website)
Yekaterina Poghosyan
27 Oct 14
As President Sargsyan stresses economic benefits of joining Russian-led bloc, others fear they are signing up to political union as well.
27 Oct 14
Two out of three local TV stations outside Yerevan won’t get channels on public-service digital system.
Protesters stream through Tbilisi in September 2012 after TV showed video of prison abuses. (Photo: Tinatin Lataria)
Tinatin Jvania
20 Oct 14
Mistreatment continues although some experts say it is no longer systemic.