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CRS Issue 6

Selina Williams
12 Nov 99
With the expected signing of a deal on Nagorno-Karabakh derailed by last month's carnage in the Armenian parliament, the Chechen crisis is even more certain to set the agenda for the OSCE summit next week.
Vitali Portnikov
12 Nov 99
Russia's forceful bid to 'resolve' the Chechen problem seemed certain to attract criticism from the very start of the military operation in Chechnya. The Kremlin's ability to ignore those critics may not be as strong as the army's.
12 Nov 99
Russian officials label the humanitarian crisis in Chechnya as a 'well directed play' as thousands of Chechen refugees into Ingushetia - and back - now the border crossing is finally reopened.
Otar Soselia
12 Nov 99
There are clear improvements in the Georgian economy - yet more than half of the country's unemployed have been out of work for more than three years and 41 percent of this group are professionally qualified. Half are women.
Mark Grigorian
12 Nov 99
Armenia's appeal courts are to rule on the much-publicised case of a local journalist accused of libeling the interior minister.