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CRS Issue 588

About 360 people live in Aghdam, and are mainly involved in farming. It is one of the few places in Karabakh without electricity, and residents light their homes with candles and heat them with wood stoves. (Photo: Lusine Musayelyan)
Lusine Musayelyan
26 Apr 11
After 1993 war, Aghdam was left a wilderness of shattered houses and twisted wreckage.
Protesters clash with police in Baku. (Photo: Idrak Abbasov)
Samira Ahmedbeyli
22 Apr 11
Authorities react very nervously to signs that opposition disquiet could turn into mass protests that toppled governments of Egypt and Tunisia.
Newspapers that have been sued since the libel law reform. (Photo: Karine Ionesyan)
Mary Aleksanyan, Karine Ionesyan
22 Apr 11
Journalists say the decriminalisation of defamation has left them facing a flood of actions.
Manana Vardiashvili
22 Apr 11
Residents of economic blackspots say they’re losing out amid efforts to attract visitors to the regions.