CRS Issue 454 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


CRS Issue 454

Idrak Abbasov
9 Mar 10
An IWPR journalist, allowed into Gori on a Russian tank, witnesses exultant pro-Moscow fighters rampaging through the blazing city.
Thomas de Waal
22 Sep 08
So much has been left in ruins in the Caucasus in the past week. What chance is there of a salvage operation?
Alan Tskhurbayev
19 Aug 08
Local parliament calls on Moscow to formally recognise independence of its southern kin.
18 Aug 08
Reporters were caught in gunfire in Tskhinvali.
Naira Melkumyan
15 Aug 08
Thousands cross border, as opposition blames president for delay in returning from Olympics.
Inal Khashig
15 Aug 08
Abkhaz seize key valley held by Georgian troops dealing further blow to beleaguered Tbilisi government.