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CRS Issue 43

Margarita and
11 Aug 00
Armenian water bosses are blaming catastrophic water shortages on poor management and a crumbling distribution system
Yuri Akbashev
11 Aug 00
Leaders across the North Caucasus pay tribute to murdered Chechen leader Yusup Soslambekov - a man whom many saw as the only real hope for peace in Chechnya
Musa Alibekov
11 Aug 00
Comment. In a bid to prove its worth to Russia's new leadership, the ruling regime in Kabardino-Balkaria launches an energetic campaign against mythical enemies
11 Aug 00
Heidar Aliev's regime looks set to score a resounding victory in Azerbaijan's forthcoming local elections
Mikhail Ivanov
11 Aug 00
With the Chechen conflict now entering its 12th month, is there evidence the rebels have bitten off more than they can chew?