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CRS Issue 419

13 Dec 07
<a href="?p=crs&s=f&o=338838&apc_state=henicrs200709">Link to original story</a> by Naira Bulghadarian in Saral. Published in CRS No. 411, 20-Sept-07
21 Nov 07
Why did Georgia’s young president respond so brutally to opposition protests, and what are his prospects now?
20 Nov 07
New IWPR project helps to foster understanding between young journalists in Armenia and Azerbaijan.
16 Nov 07
Exiled parliamentarians say they are stripping militant leader of his powers after he proclaimed himself emir.
15 Nov 07
State of emergency to be lifted as Saakashvili seeks early date for election.
15 Nov 07
Deprived of proper information, Ajaria is rife with rumour and suspicion.
15 Nov 07
Experts blame hike in food costs on a heavily monopolistic economy.