CRS Issue 36 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


CRS Issue 36

Yuri Akbashev
16 Jun 00
In a bid to gag the independent media, the local authorities in Prokhladny have illegally established a so-called "Press Service" which has been charged with the censorship of mutinous newspapers
Besik Kurtanidze
16 Jun 00
Conditions for Chechen refugees sheltering in Georgia are rapidly deteriorating.
Mikhail Ivanov
16 Jun 00
Within two days of Akhmed Kadyrov being named as Moscow's mouthpiece in Chechnya, one of his closest supporters was assassinated in his home
Guria Murlinskaya
16 Jun 00
Witnesses refuse to play ball as Dagestan's High Court hears the case of two Lak brothers standing trial for causing a revolt