CRS Issue 33 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


CRS Issue 33

Alexander Voronin
26 May 00
Russian police believe Chechen Wahhabis may be responsible for eleven gruesome murders in two Caucasian republics
Anatoly Kuprianov
26 May 00
Comment. The Nagorny Karabakh regime is eradicating any vestige of political opposition in the run-up to the parliamentary elections
Mikhail Ivanov
26 May 00
It was no coincidence that the Kremlin's threats to bomb terrorist bases in Afghanistan came on the eve of the Minsk security summit
Susanna Shahnazarian
26 May 00
The inhabitants of one remote Armenian village view political shenanigans in Yerevan with the same bemused detachment as they watch American soap operas on TV
Kakha Tolordava
26 May 00
The Georgian film industry mourns the passing of its heyday, while its directors fight tooth and nail over the last few crumbs of state funding
Kamal Ali
26 May 00
Corrupt officials in Azerbaijan are suspected of lining their pockets with the proceeds of illegal sturgeon fishing.