CRS Issue 314 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


CRS Issue 314

10 Nov 05
Activists calling for the government to resign converge on Victory Square.
Asya Ramazanova
10 Nov 05
The Chechen capital’s airport is set to reopen for civilian flights next year.
Inal Khashig
10 Nov 05
A new law will offer citizenship to anyone of Abkhaz origin, even if they were not born in the republic.
Rufat Abbasov
10 Nov 05
Azerbaijanis who fled during the Karabakh conflict were able to vote for a member of parliament who may not set foot in the disputed region.
David Stern
10 Nov 05
The November 6 election was seen as a litmus test of the president’s will to reform his country, but for now the jury is still out.