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CRS Issue 29

Bella Lyauv
28 Apr 00
The president of Karachaevo-Cherkessia is stubbornly resisting repeated attempts to dilute his authority.
Mikhail Ivanov
28 Apr 00
Although Vladimir Putin continues to rule out the possibility of holding peace talks with Aslan Maskhadov, there is every sign that he is keeping his options open
Ia Antadze
28 Apr 00
Ajarian leader Aslan Abashidze is fond of boasting that he has created a virtual "paradise" on the shores of the Black Sea. But not of all his subjects would agree with him.
Alena Myasnikova
28 Apr 00
Just a decade after bloody pogroms in the streets of Baku, Armenians resident in Azerbaijan live in an atmosphere of fear and discrimination.
I. Ibragimov
28 Apr 00
Opinion: the Cherkess are determined to reclaim their ethnic homeland but the authorities are refusing to listen to their demands