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CRS Issue 27

Wendell Steavenson
14 Apr 00
A shady political deal may have helped secure Eduard Shevardnadze's overwhelming presidential election victory
Mark Grigorian
14 Apr 00
Armenian editors are mounting a concerted protest against the Nagorny Karabakh authorities after a Stepanakert journalist was jailed for libel last week
Alexander Voronin
14 Apr 00
The troubled republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia is preparing to lock horns with Russia's most powerful oligarch
Mikhail Ivanov
14 Apr 00
Can Russia afford to ignore the Council of Europe's scathing rebukes? The answer is probably, yes.
Irada Husseinova
14 Apr 00
A rift is opening up between Azerbaijan's religious leaders and their congregations who say the mosques are doing nothing to improve their spiritual and material well-being