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CRS Issue 26

Mark Grigorian
5 Apr 00
Armenia's former interior minister, the notorious Vano Siradeghian, skips bail as his murder trial enters its sixth month.
Sozar Subeliani
5 Apr 00
Eduard Shevardnadze hopes that an upsurge in the electricity supply on the eve of the presidential elections will blur bitter memories of winter deficits.
Ia Antadze
5 Apr 00
Most voters quietly accept that President Eduard Shevardnadze will win the April 9 elections - but they bitterly resent the fact that there is no real alternative.
5 Apr 00
Up to 15 Russian officers could be disciplined for sending a unit of OMON troopers to their deaths. Worsening relations between the police and the military are threatening to split the high command