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CRS Issue 252

Inal Khashig
6 Sep 04
An opposition candidate is barred from Abkhazia’s presidential race while Moscow backs the prime minister.
Umalt Dudayev
6 Sep 04
How, during the Beslan siege, 40 family members of Chechen rebel leaders were arrested and forced to denounce their relatives
Sanobar Shermatova
6 Sep 04
What were the hostage-takers and the Russian authorities discussing before the siege erupted in violence?
Timur Aliev
6 Sep 04
North Ossetia’s next-door neighbour waits for a reaction after revelations that there were Ingush among the hostage-takers.
Valery Dzutsev
6 Sep 04
Grieving Ossetians are venting their rage both against the local government and the neighbouring Ingush.
Thomas de Waal
6 Sep 04
Chechen warrior Shamil Basayev is a prime suspect in the Beslan attack. Rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov has condemned it, but is facing fury from the Russians.
Alan Tskhurbayev
6 Sep 04
Two teenage boys and a grandmother tell of captors who joked one minute and threatened to kill their hostages the next.