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CRS Issue 247

Gulnara Mamedzade
19 Aug 04
A new ministry confronts a legacy of pollution and waste on land and at sea
Karine Ter-Saakian
19 Aug 04
In a country normally associated with strong Christian identity, many are opting for the old gods.
Inal Khashig
19 Aug 04
Abkhaz tourist season is saved by a bizarre political stunt.
Magomed Isayev
19 Aug 04
A dissident mayor and his local police force have sparked a political crisis in Dagestan.
Zamin Tairov
19 Aug 04
Conservationists fear a rare and unusual tree faces extinction from unchecked logging.
Idrak Abbasov
19 Aug 04
Burning waste creates environmental hazard, as scavengers pick through the trash.