CRS Issue 198 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


CRS Issue 198

Sanobar Shermatova
2 Oct 03
How Akhmad Kadyrov fought off his rivals and won the support of Vladimir Putin to become Moscow’s chosen leader in Chechnya
Clem Cecil
2 Oct 03
A classified police report from Chechnya catalogues alleged violence and extortion committed by pro-Moscow Chechen leader.
Inga Kochieva
2 Oct 03
New premier tells IWPR he has to revitalise the republic’s stagnant economic sector.
Gennady Abarovich
2 Oct 03
Washington’s move stemmed from concern over pace of reform and corruption.
Leila Amirova
2 Oct 03
Isa Gambar, the main opposition challenger in Azerbaijan’s presidential election, takes to the road to counter a dirty tricks campaign against him.