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CRS Issue 178

Dmitry Balburov
9 May 03
A group of Dagestani villagers in Chechnya want compensation for the destruction of their village in a Russian air raid - but no one is heeding their claims.
Maia Chitaia
9 May 03
High unemployment in Georgia spawns rogue job centres which rob their customers.
Umalt Dudayev
9 May 03
Concern is growing over the rise in night-time raids by masked Russian soldiers, with few of the men they detain ever seen again.
Peter Magdashian
9 May 03
Armenia is marking Soviet Victory Day again - but its Second World War veterans have little else to celebrate.
Rauf Orujev
9 May 03
As President Heidar Aliev looks set to mark his 80th birthday in a Turkish hospital, the Azerbaijani opposition is weighing its options.