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CRS Issue 167

Nina Agayeva
21 Feb 03
Local customs and poverty are hampering the fight against TB in Dagestan.
Namik Ibragimov
21 Feb 03
Presidential decree designed to put a stop to building spree in walled medieval section of Azerbaijani capital
Irakly Aladashvili
21 Feb 03
Scores of men from the mountains of Khevsureti are being enlisted to help guard Georgia's troubled border with Chechnya.
Thomas de Waal
21 Feb 03
Envoy of rebel Chechen president tells IWPR he looks forward to fighting Russian extradition charges in a British court.
Mark Grigorian
21 Feb 03
Opposition demonstrators accuse Robert Kocharian of electoral fraud as a second round is declared in the Armenian presidential election.