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CRS Issue 160

Zaza Baazov
19 Dec 02
Eight months after last April's earthquake in Tbilisi, thousands of residents say they are facing a winter without proper housing.
Umalt Dudayev
19 Dec 02
As the war goes on, fundamentalist Islamists in Chechnya are becoming bolder and more violent.
Zhanna Alexanian
19 Dec 02
The Armenian military faces hard questions over the death of Artyom Sarkisian, who had protested against graduates being conscripted into the army.
Timur Aliev
19 Dec 02
A champion of the rights of Chechen refugees in Ingushetia is kidnapped
Nurlana Gulieva
19 Dec 02
The International Monetary Fund has halted funding to Azerbaijan after a quarrel over economic reform.
Thomas de Waal
19 Dec 02
How deep does enthusiasm in the breakaway republic of Abkhazia for Russia run?