CRS Issue 16 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


CRS Issue 16

Erik Batuev
28 Jan 00
A Chechen human rights activist describes dodging Russian checkpoints and risking his skin to expose the conditions of refugees and prisoners of war in Chechnya.
28 Jan 00
Journalists investigating the scale of Russian losses in Chechnya are facing increasing intimidation from federal authorities.
Sozar Subeliani
28 Jan 00
The political movement which drove Georgia's independence bid has fizzled out in the face of harsh political realities.
Ruslan Isaev
28 Jan 00
Chechen families sheltering in basements fall victim to the latest Russian onslaught on Grozny.
Mamed Bagirov
28 Jan 00
Azeris fleeing persecution in Iran find their ethnic homeland is short on sympathy.
Mark Grigorian
28 Jan 00
The future of Armenian president Robert Kocharian is in doubt as investigators link his inner circle to the sensational murder of leading politicians last year.