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CRS Issue 159

Sanobar Shermatova
12 Dec 02
Influential group of Chechen and Russian politicians continue to promote Chechnya peace plan, despite hardening of Moscow's policy towards the breakaway republic
Zarema Velikhanova
12 Dec 02
Opposition paper faces string of lawsuits and fugitive journalist escapes extradition, in latest clashes between media and government.
Timur Aliev
12 Dec 02
Following the forced shutdown of one refugee camp in Ingushetia, displaced people in two others fear they will be the next to be sent back to Chechnya.
Ara Tadevosian
12 Dec 02
Armenian head of state bullish about re-election prospects as rivals fail to come up with serious presidential contender.
Giorgy Kupatadze
12 Dec 02
A mass round-up of Chechens in Georgia marks a new policy shift by President Shevardnadze's government.