CRS Issue 153 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


CRS Issue 153

Thomas de Waal
31 Oct 02
Ex-Moscow political mastermind suggests to IWPR that Russian president precipitated the Chechen conflict and is now seeking to escalate it.
31 Oct 02
Russian journalist Anna Polikovskaya tells what happened when Chechen extremists asked her to negotiate towards the end of the hostage crisis.
Sanobar Shermatova
31 Oct 02
Who was Movsar Barayev and why did he embark on a desperate hostage-taking mission in Moscow?
Andrei Piontkovsky
31 Oct 02
The terror crisis in Moscow has given President Putin a new lease of political life.
David Stern
31 Oct 02
Baku closes a Chechen envoy's office while Tbilisi fears a new Russian backlash.