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CRS Issue 15

Erik Batuev
21 Jan 00
Could old religious disputes divide the Chechen high command as Moscow steps up its relentless offensive? Spiritual leaders are calling for extremist elements to be held accountable for their war-mongering crusades.
Emil Danielyan
21 Jan 00
Armenia remains in the economic doldrums despite recent growth and has yet to show any serious signs of recovering from its post-Soviet slump.
Eldar Zeynalov
21 Jan 00
The UN is investigating reports of police brutality in Azerbaijan, but alleged victims of state torture have little hope that their tormentors will ever be brought to justice.
21 Jan 00
Russian troops locked in the "final assault" on Grozny have been astonished by the ferocity of the rebel resistance. In the heart of the Chechen capital, they are coming up against the cream of the guerrilla forces, led by battle-hardened veterans of the
Paata Zakareishvili
21 Jan 00
A reluctance to admit past mistakes and seal a dignified peace with the Abkhaz is a dangerous symptom of Georgian malaise.
Alexander Dzadzaev
21 Jan 00
Feelings in the predominantly Christian republic of North Ossetia towards the Chechen war show a strong pro-Russian bias.