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CRS Issue 13

Kharon Deniev
7 Jan 00
A Chechen human rights advocate offers a bleak perspective on his peoples' fate within the Russian Federation.
Artem Yerkanian
7 Jan 00
As many as a million Armenians - almost a quarter of the population - have left the country in recent years, most simply to seek employment.
Ruslan Isaev
7 Jan 00
While Russian bombardments continue, Chechen commanders and fleeing refugees claim that guerrilla fighters have scored key victories around the capital, destroying several Russian tanks and providing a route in and out of the city.
Elmar Gusseinov
7 Jan 00
As Baku revels in a much-publicised "oil rush", questions are being asked about the true extent of the legendary reserves awaiting exploitation in the Caspian Sea basin.
Sozar Subeliani
7 Jan 00
Georgia's president appears to be enlisting precisely the wrong kind of support to help him implement a new drive against government corruption.
Khasen Laipanov
7 Jan 00
Pork barrel politics in the isolated the North Caucausian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is fermenting serious opposition to the government as well as unrest among the ethnic groups.
Mark Grigorian
7 Jan 00
Assaults and a suspected firebombing have left the staff of two Armenian newspapers worrying about a politically-inspired clampdown on the media