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BCR Issue 99

Alban Mitrushi
10 Nov 05
The power stations are old, the distribution system outmoded and electricity is regularly switched off for up to ten hours a day: is it any wonder Albanians refuse to pay their electricity bills? Poor rainfall and corrupt industry management are only comp
Llazar Semini
10 Nov 05
Albania is reluctant to openly support the Kosovo Albanian demands for independence but Albanians on both sides of the border threw themselves into celebrations for Albania's first official Independence Day on November 28.
Christopher Bennett
10 Nov 05
With the demise of its President, Croatia has a chance break with the past and move politically out of the Balkans and into Western Europe. But Franjo Tuijman's legacy will make the years to come difficult ones...
Gordana Igric
10 Nov 05
The arrest of five mercenaries allegedly hired by France to kill Slobodan Milosevic has triggered a flood of bizarre allegations intended to shift the blame for Belgrade's misdeeds onto the backs of the alleged 'assassins'.
Vlado Mares
10 Nov 05
One year on from the introduction of the Law on Public Information, the Serbian government has stepped up pressure on the independent media yet further, calling for a "decontamination" of the press.