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BCR Issue 98

Marian Chiriac
10 Nov 05
The collapse of the Moldovan government has cast a shadow across neighbouring Romania raising fears that the price of closer relations with the West is rising ever higher.
Llazar Semini
10 Nov 05
Macro-economic indicators are good in Albania, despite the impact of the Kosovo crisis. But rampant crime and corruption, combined with a questionable political will, continue to deter critical foreign investment.
Janez Kovac
10 Nov 05
The international community has sacked 22 obstructionist Bosnian officials from across the divides and barred them from elected office, in yet another attempt to kickstart the moribund peace process.
Imer Mushkolaj
10 Nov 05
The Kosovo Democratic League - the Kosovo Liberation Army's chief challengers for rule over the breakaway province - has been hit by a series of bomb attacks. Some blame deranged individuals, others see political method in the madness.
Milenko Vasovic
10 Nov 05
The Serbian Renewal Movement has finally released the evidence behind its claim that the Serbian State Security Service was involved in an attempt to assassinate party leader Vuk Draskovic.