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BCR Issue 97

Janez Kovac
10 Nov 05
Recent days have brought further changes to the already complicated Bosnian political scene. The ruling Bosnian Muslim coalition has broken apart opening the door for the leading opposition Social Democratic Party to claim more power.
Vlado Mares
10 Nov 05
European Union (EU) oil, intended for the opposition controlled towns of Nis and Pirot, was still being held up by Yugoslav customs control at Presevo on Friday morning.
Milka Tadic
10 Nov 05
Former Yugoslav Army chief Momcilo Perisic says squads of well-paid, battle-hardened troops are setting up base in Montenegro - loyal only to Belgrade and promising only trouble for the tiny republic.
Milenko Vasovic
10 Nov 05
Yugoslav authorities have arrested five Serbian paramilitaries, accusing them of working for the French secret services to assassinate President Milosevic.
Gordana Igric
10 Nov 05
France has dismissed Serbian claims of a French plot to kill Slobodan Milosevic. They may find it harder to explain their links with some of the alleged assassins arrested this week. For there is really is a French connection.