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BCR Issue 94

Daut Dauti
10 Nov 05
While the international community acknowledges that billions of US dollars are needed for reconstruction in Kosovo, foreign investors confront serious risks when it comes to committing hard cash.
Stefan Krause
10 Nov 05
Albanians have helped elect the candidate of the Macedonian nationalist party. But widespread claims of electoral fraud have cast a shadow over the poll and will almost certainly lead to political conflict.
Ian Williams
10 Nov 05
With uncharacteristic frankness the UN has admitted liability in the deaths of thousands of civilians murdered by Serbian forces in the so-called UN "safe haven".
Srdjan Staletovic
10 Nov 05
A unified Serbian opposition failed to materialise in Istanbul, but agreement was reached on a number of key issues, including participation in the Balkans Stability Pact.
Drago Hedl
10 Nov 05
Recent up-beat reports on the president's health have been greeted with scepticism within Croatia, where observers fear the ruling party will stop at nothing to retain their hold on political power.