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BCR Issue 92

Dragutin Hedl
16 Nov 05
After weeks of denial and misinformation, the truth is out - Croatian President Franjo Tudjman has been fighting for his life in the Dubrava hospital in Zagreb for more than two weeks.
Milenko Vasovic
16 Nov 05
Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic scoffs at the opposition and its demand for early elections. Serbia will have to wait until his allies have finished piling up legislation designed to entrench his political position.
Zeljko Bajic
16 Nov 05
Macedonia's mainstream parties hoped for a quieter life by putting up junior candidates as successors to the country's overweening father figure, president Kiro Gligorov, but the contest only heralds deeper crises.
Ian Williams
16 Nov 05
So how many people were killed in Kosovo? Opponents of the NATO bombing campaign claim estimates were wildly exaggerated through cynical propaganda. But the totals for confirmed dead are mounting.
Laura Rozen
16 Nov 05
The prosecution of a Kosovo Albanian human rights activist on terrorism charges has exposed serious gaps in the rule of law in Serbia.