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BCR Issue 90

Stefan Krause
16 Nov 05
The strong showing by the Social Democrat has forced runners-up to make some quick strategic decisions, while the ruling VMRO-DPMNE announces major personnel changes.
Srdjan Staletovic
16 Nov 05
The high-profile defection by a previously stalwart Milosevic ally is only the most notable of a slow but steady unravelling of the ruling Socialist Party.
Zuzana Serences
16 Nov 05
Calls for autonomy are increasing in Serbia's remaining province, causing growing friction within the opposition movement.
Dimitrije Boarov
16 Nov 05
The introduction of the German mark as a parallel currency in Montenegro could have a substantial impact on the economy in Serbia.
Milka Tadic
16 Nov 05
Montenegro has taken a strong step away from the Yugo zone and towards the euro zone by introducing the German mark as an official currency.